Why Should You Go Rock Climbing? Introduction to Climbing

Why should you go rock climbing? Many people consider rock climbing to be very dangerous and will try to talk you out of it if you intend to practice it. Don’t let others’ opinions stop you to have a go on rock climbing. You are responsible for your safety and the safety of your climbing partners. In order to reduce the risk of injury, paralysis, or death you must adopt safe climbing practices and good judgment at all times.Nevertheless I wish to reinforce please climb safely.Remember Every Climb Matters.This article is designed for everyone, I mean EVERYONE. The beginners or experienced climbers who want to gain that extra edge to increase your climbing ability.And not forgetting that the objective is to climb while having fun!!I hope that by the time you finish reading this article, you will have:Gain a fundamental understanding of climbing.Why do you rock climb?Personally it is because there are so many routes to climb; you will never get bored with rock climbing. Some people enjoy the dynamic full body workout, others like the community at their local gym. For the advanced climbers, they can be competitors who train year round for victory. And then you might just climb for the pure recreation.Rock climbing is the ultimate physical challenge. Each day on the rock is an
opportunity for you to push your limits and go beyond the skills you already have by exploring more difficult routes.Most climbers also search adventure and freedom. Climbing outdoors provides opportunities to combine your favorite outdoor activities. Since many climbing areas are in remote locations, camping and hiking are often a necessary part of a climbing trip. Enjoying the outdoors and wildlife as you hike from boulder to boulder is a great compliment to any day of climbing. This feeling that you are free to choose when and where to go is great. The extraordinary nature and sceneries at the summit, you are treated to a breathtaking view that not many people will see.By the way do you have children?Climbing can build stronger bonds with your children. Climb with them in indoor or outdoor. Soon you’ll definitely earn ‘respect’ if you show them what you can do! Also you can try hosting a birthday party at your climbing gym and watch your kids have the time of their lives.FriendshipIt’s almost impossible to not meet new friends if you climb. And this is one of the main motivations in me to climb. The nature of climbing requires responsible cooperation and help from other climbers. We always need a good spotter or belayer to climb safely. Besides, it’s always more fun when you have climbing partners to workout or go on trips with.FitnessThere are two schools of thoughts. One is that if you pick up climbing to impress people with your worked out body you’ll be disappointed since there are lots of easier ways to work out instead of wandering through the woods and on top of dangerous cliffs.The other school of thought is that climbing is easy to get into and stay in shape. Dynamic muscle strength, flexibility, balance, coordination will be developed by varying the types, intensity, and duration of your climbing. And consequently you can develop strong, lean muscles with endurance.To me, climbing is about balance and positioning the body to achieve stable equilibrium.Creative moves and quick adaptation to the climbing route will be the key. Experience and physical condition works hand-in hands. And hence women climbers have humbled many strong men in climbing.MentalClimbing challenges your composure and reflexes. Even when off the wall, the routes will set the mind thinking so as to challenge tougher moves.Mind once expanded will not return to its original state.Everyone climb for a variety of reasons.There is no right or wrong philosophy of climbing. And no matter what your reason is, learning to climb is very much like learning to ride a bike. You’ll never forget the basic moves, but will need a lot of practice to perfect them if you are heading for competition.